There’s no doubt about it, electric toothbrushes really do offer the cleaning edge over their manual counterparts. They are well designed to be able to clean teeth more efficiently and dislodge plaque more effectively than regular brushing. 

If you’ve been swayed and are looking for the best electric bush to buy for yourself, it can be tricky to know where to start. There are, quite simply, hundreds of models to choose from! There are lots of varieties and they all work in different ways, so we thought it would be handy to break things down a little…  


As the name suggests, these brushes have bristles that turn, spin, or rotate. These are often battery-powered and cheap but rotating-only brushes are no more effective than manual brushing. Don’t waste your money! 


Rechargeable electric toothbrushes with small round heads are usually rotating-oscillating. They remove plaque by rotating around the tooth in one direction and then the other. Braun Oral B use this motion in their brushes.  


Some rotating-oscillating rechargeable electric toothbrushes also pulsate to make the head move backwards and forwards against teeth. This helps dislodge plaque and is a technology that’s typically found on more expensive rotating brushes, once again Braun Oral B are the main manufacturers.  

Vibrating sonic and ultrasonic 

These are brushes that vibrate at certain high speeds and frequencies to help break down plaque. The action is a side to side sweeping motion, it feels gentle but is very effective at dislodging plaque and some surface dietary staining. Philips Sonicare and Colgate rechargeable electric toothbrushes clean in this way.  

Dual head 

These electric toothbrushes combine two heads – one part rotates and the other sweeps from side to side. We do not to recommend these as the head tends to be too big to be effective at cleaning all areas. 

Our favourites                                      

We can highly recommend both Braun Oral B and Philips Sonicare power brushes. They both have optimum power output for plaque removal without damaging the teeth or gums and use the highest standard of bristle technology. It is wise to steer clear of very cheap makes which may use harsh bristles that could harm your teeth and gums. Don’t forget, manual toothbrushes and electric brush heads need replacing when the bristles become worn or splayed! 

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