If it’s taking you that long to think, it might just be a little too long ago! Maybe the question should be, what prompted you to attend your last appointment? Was it because you were due your regular visit (this is what we’re hoping), or was it because you had a dental problem such as pain or trauma?

At Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice in Knutsford, we often find that patients don’t prioritise their dental appointments, and while this makes us feel a little sad (because we love seeing you) we do understand that life is busy and it’s often just something that drops off the radar. This is why, for many people, they only remember to attend when they feel like there is a problem, or they think that because everything feels fine there’s no need to book an appointment.

Why should you attend regular appointments?

However, this is quite far from the truth. During a dental check up, we take a look at the gums, teeth and entire mouth area to check for early signs of any potential problems. This helps us to highlight and deal with any issues before they become bigger difficulties that could cause pain, discomfort, or even tooth loss. On top of this, smaller problems are far easier, and cheaper, to fix, so keeping on top of your regular dental check ups is not only an investment in your health, it can actually be very cost effective, too!

So, how often should you visit your dentist? Well, the answer to that question is entirely unique to you and your oral health, so you should always listen to the advice your dentist gives you on appointment frequency; although for most people, it’s every six months. If you think your next appointment is due, give us a call on 01565 633034!

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