Most people will have heard their dentist warn them about tooth decay, giving vital advice to brush for two minutes twice a day in order to avoid this happening. This is excellent information on avoiding the problem, but do you know what causes it in the first place?


We’ve all heard of plaque, which can build up on teeth if they are not brushed correctly or often enough. Plaque is a sticky substance made up of bacteria that coats the teeth and when it comes into contact with the sugars from the foods and drinks we consume it creates an acid that attacks the teeth and causes decay and cavities. When we clean our teeth it removes this sticky film, preventing it from building up and attacking the teeth!

To wage war on plaque and the devastating effect it can have on our teeth, it is vital to have a good home care regime that includes brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing (remember, if you are unable to brush, using a fluoride mouthwash will help until you can). In fact, even those who are fastidious about their tooth cleaning can still end up with plaque in those hard to reach areas, which is why regular dental check ups and hygiene appointments are so essential for removing these build ups.

Your dentist and/hygienist will check your teeth and gums for signs of decay and plaque build up and can provide you with essential advice on areas that may need extra attention because they are trickier to reach during your normal cleaning routine. They can remove these deposits too, leaving your teeth clean, sparkling and free from that pesky plaque that we all want to be rid of!

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