Using a Mouthwash is a great addition to your oral health routine as it removes food and debris from your teeth after eating and drinking, which lowers the harmful acid level in your mouth.

There are so many available how do you know if you are you using the right mouthwash and in the correct way? We’ve got some tips on choosing the right mouthwash for your needs.

Choose a mouthwash that does the job! Good things in mouthwash can be an extra top up fluoride in addition to your toothpaste and flossing routine. Look out for an ingredient called Xylitol, which inhibits the bacteria growth that leads to tooth decay. Chlorhexidine containing mouthwash is best avoided unless your dentist or hygienist has recommended it.

Don’t fall for some cosmetic claims! Some mouthwashes claim to have a stain removing ingredient hydrogen peroxide which whitens teeth. However it’s never been proven to remove stains, mainly because of the level of the product contained in the mouthwash and the amount of contact it has with teeth. So any deep set stains probably won’t be touched by these products but they may be able to prevent further staining. Worse still: the wrong mouthwash can cause staining, so ask your dentist or hygienist for advice.

Be aware of bad breath! Most mouthwashes are minty fresh tasting so can help mask bad breath. If bad breath is common occurrence it may need to be addressed by your dentist or hygienist as it can stem from infection or food being stuck in between teeth. In which case, a good scale and polish or treatment plan may be a better long term solution.

Once you have the mouthwash that is best for you, it’s best to rinse for around one minute twice a day after a meal. Current advice is NOT to use your mouthwash straight after brushing brushing to avoid washing fluoride and other ingredients away before they’ve had time to work. Swishing after meals is always beneficial to remove debris, if your mouthwash isn’t handy plain water will do!

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