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Professional grade tooth whitening products

Tooth whitening at Gaskell Avenue Dental is a really effective way of giving your smile an instant wow factor!

Over time, stains build up on and soak into the teeth over time causing the teeth to darken and and tooth whitening works by effectively removing these. These stains are most commonly caused by the foods and drinks we consume, smoking, and the aging process.

The tooth whitening process works by using professional grade products, prescribed by your dentist, that release oxygen into the tooth enamel to remove the discolouration that has built up over time.

How long does tooth whitening take?

Tooth whitening treatment at Gaskell Avenue Dental in Knutsford is offered in two ways. The first is home whitening, where we will make special, custom-made trays for you and provide you with gel to apply at home. This is really easy to do and we will provide you with instructions on how to apply the gel and how long to leave the trays in for. This method can take as little as one week, although this all depends on the shade you wish to achieve.

The other option is in practice whitening, where a gel will be applied to your teeth by one of our dental professionals and then a light is used to speed up the reaction. This appointment takes two hours and the treatment is often followed up by a course of home whitening.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Tooth whitening at Gaskell Avenue Dental is very safe. Your dentist will thoroughly check your teeth and gums prior to treatment, to ensure that everything is fine to go ahead. Tooth whitening products are highly regulated, so you can rest assured that we only use professional gels that you can trust.

Tooth whitening treatment may cause some sensitivity but this usually wears off after a short time. Here at Gaskell Avenue Dental we can provide advice about what to do if this should happen, so don’t hesitate to tell us if you experience this.

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