Tooth coloured restorations and fillings

No one needs to know that you’ve had a filling

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White/tooth coloured fillings and restorations

Thanks to the constant advancements in the techniques and materials we are able to use in dentistry, at Gaskell Avenue Dental Care we are pleased to be able to provide tooth-coloured restorations rather than silver ones, in most cases. We have been able to use this cosmetic approach and material for a number of years now – rather than the silver-coloured amalgam that has traditionally been used in the past – meaning that no one needs to know that you’ve had a filling, unless of course you tell them!

Benefits of tooth coloured restorations

Tooth-coloured restorations offer a number of benefits to our patients. Some people have concerns regarding the mercury contained in silver amalgam restorations, which is something that you do not have to worry about with tooth-coloured ones. Added to that, they are much more aesthetically pleasing and due to their more cosmetic nature you will hardly notice they are there. Amalgam fillings were traditionally used due to their strength, but the new materials that are now available are more than strong enough to withstand the forces of biting on the back teeth, without the use of additional metal pins or posts.

If you have existing silver fillings you may wish to replace these due to concerns about mercury or for cosmetic reasons, and this is something we are pleased to offer at Gaskell Avenue Dental Care. The type of restoration required may vary depending on the size, some patients may require a simple filling whereas other cases may be better with a ceramic crown, inlay or onlay. Your dentist will be able to advise the best approach based on your individual requirements.

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