Whatever you are feeling at this very moment; happy, sappy, hurt, upset, overwhelmed, or anxious, try smiling. Just give it a go, right now, smile.

How did it make you feel?

In most cases, the simple act of smiling will have helped to lift your mood, even if it was just by a fraction. Think back to times in your life where you have felt low and someone – whether a friend or a stranger – has smiled at you and made you feel instantly better in that moment.

Smile with confidence

The act of smiling can be powerful, having a deep impact on our emotional wellbeing. So think for a moment of how it would feel to have a great smile that you were proud to show off. For many people, crooked, broken, discoloured, or missing teeth that impact on the aesthetics of their smile can have a really detrimental effect on confidence. In fact, at Gaskell Avenue in Knutsford, Cheshire, we speak to so many patients who are desperate to change the appearance of their teeth because they feel too self-conscious to smile or laugh in public.

Those who feel this strongly about their smile can find themselves withdrawing from social situations and even hold themselves back in the workplace. Lack of confidence can have a detrimental effect on so many facets of our lives so if something can be done to boost it then it is a worthy investment.

At Gaskell Avenue, we are proud to be able to offer a wealth of dental treatments that can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. From tooth whitening, to orthodontic systems to straighten crooked teeth, tooth reshaping to improve irregularities, and dental implants to replace missing teeth. Whatever result you are searching for, we have the tools, techniques, ad vast array of experience at hand to help you. Just give us a call on 01565 633034 to book an appointment to discuss your smile concerns and the ways in which we could help.

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