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Regular check-ups

Our dental check-up covers tooth and gum health with screening for conditions affecting the health of the mouth. The hygienists work to the prescription of the dentists to provide dental health advice and preventative care, including regular cleaning, maintenance and treatments for gum disease. We can also guide you in choosing the best mouth care products to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and instruct you in their use.


It doesn’t matter what age or state of health – we all need to be shown how to care for our teeth and prevent dental disease.

For example – don’t brush for at least one hour after a fruit juice breakfast, as this will cause much more erosion of teeth. Using the incorrect type of brush, and poor brushing technique can cause irreversible damage to both teeth and gums.


Conflicting advice leads to confusion about what we should eat. Our dentists and hygienists can provide advice on diet appropriate to individual age, medical health and appetite. Snacking is less healthy than eating well at separated meal times.


Stress and muscle tension can cause tooth damage and/or muscle pain so stress management and bite position is important in dental prevention. Sleep and anti-snoring appliances are appropriate for some patients.


Childrens’ dental development is monitored carefully at appropriately spaced check-up appointments. Preventative care and treatments, such as fluoride application, sealants and dietary advice, are our first-line approach in caring for children.


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