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Is coffee bad for our teeth?

Ah coffee. Nothing quite beats that first hit of glorious hot caffeine in the morning, does it? While coffee makes us feel good, is it actually having a detrimental effect on our teeth? Let’s take a look…

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth can have a big impact; from destroying your confidence to affecting the foods you are able to eat. For some people, it can also cause problems with speech, too. This is why it is completely normal to desire a permanent and aesthetic solution to a...

Which electric toothbrush should I choose?

There’s no doubt about it, electric toothbrushes really do offer the cleaning edge over their manual counterparts. They are well designed to be able to clean teeth more efficiently and dislodge plaque more effectively than regular brushing.

Regain your smile

Losing a tooth can be distressing in a number of ways. Probably the most obvious impact it can have is on your looks. A gap in your teeth can make people feel self conscious, some will turn to using a hand to cover their smile and, in extreme cases, will avoid social...

Dental tips for students

As you can probably imagine, we see and treat a wide range of people at Gaskell Avenue Dental practice in Knutsford, Cheshire, which is something we absolutely love about our job. From tiny babies at their first appointment to elderly patients who have been visiting...

Nervous? Just sit back and relax…

We know how annoying it is when someone who doesn’t understand a fear or anxiety tells you to just ‘relax’ and think of something else, but here at Gaskell Avenue Dental we can offer you exactly that. With our vast knowledge and years of experience working in...

Back to school!

While for some it may feel as though the school holidays are over too soon, we know for many (parents, we feel you) the last six weeks has seemed like a long slog! Whatever you’ve been up to this summer, the routine of the school term is about to begin once again so it’s time to get everything ready.

Let’s be mouthaware

What do you know about mouth cancer? It’s not one of the most commonly discussed cancers, but incidences of it are increasingly on the rise, with more than 8,300 new cases diagnosed in the UK last year alone.

Are traditional metal braces scaring you off straightening your smile?

Have you always thought about orthodontic treatment to straighten your crooked teeth but have been scared off by the prospect of a mouth full of metal braces? Well, worry no more! With Invisalign, you can wave goodbye to everything you think you know about orthodontic treatment and say hello to a beautifully straight smile in the easiest way possible

Fun tooth facts from the animal kingdom!

In our last blog we shared some of our favourite fun facts about teeth. The ones you all seemed to enjoy the most were our animal insights... the fact that an average elephant's molar weighs 6lbs and that giraffes only have bottom teeth! We thought we'd do a bit more...

Fun tooth facts

Here at Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice in Knutsford, Cheshire, we LOVE teeth! We find everything about teeth so interesting and we’re just full of fun facts about them, which is why we thought we’d share a few of our favourites with you…

When was the last time you visited your dentist?

If it’s taking you that long to think, it might just be a little too long ago! Maybe the question should be, what prompted you to attend your last appointment? Was it because you were due your regular visit (this is what we’re hoping), or was it because you had a dental problem such as pain or trauma?

The power of a smile

Whatever you are feeling at this very moment; happy, sappy, hurt, upset, overwhelmed, or anxious, try smiling. Just give it a go, right now, smile. How did it make you feel?

Creating Emma’s dream wedding smile

At Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice in Knutsford, Cheshire, we love the fact that we are able to offer a wealth of treatments, from regular dental check ups and hygiene appointments, right through to smile makeovers. Not only does this give us a lot of variety in our working week, it’s great to be able to provide what patients really want, too.

The importance of dental hygiene appointments

Here at Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice in Knutsford, Cheshire, we find that lots of our patients ask us why we recommend dental hygiene appointments and what actually happens during them, so we thought this would make a great blog topic!

Simon’s 24-hour charity bike ride

You may have seen on our social media pages, or heard us talking about it, but our dentist, Simon Warburton, recently undertook an amazing 24-hour bike ride to raise money for the Breast Cancer Care charity. We thought this amazing feat was well worth a blog, so it’s over to Simon to tell us all about it in his own words…

Why are dental check-ups so important?

It’s a common theme for many people, they attend the dentist when they’re in pain or notice a problem like a broken, chipped or even loose tooth. What’s probably even more common is the amount of times you’ve heard your dentist say they would like to see you for a check up every six months (although this timeframe can vary according to individual needs), but that’s just a ploy to get you through the doors, right? Well, actually that’s far from true, so let’s explain why regular check ups are so important…

What causes tooth decay?

Most people will have heard their dentist warn them about tooth decay, giving vital advice to brush for two minutes twice a day in order to avoid this happening. This is excellent information on avoiding the problem, but do you know what causes it in the first place?

Straighten your smile!

There are a multitude of reasons why crooked teeth may not have been addressed earlier in life, all too often the issue was either never raised or perhaps wasn’t deemed severe enough to warrant your dentist recommending you for NHS orthodontics. Maybe the idea of...

Love your toothbrush

We’re always talking about oral care tips, such as brushing twice a day, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash in order to keep your mouth health in top condition, but what about looking after the tools of this trade? Your toothbrush is your best friend when it comes to looking after your teeth and gums, so it’s only right to show it the love it deserves!

Meet Amanda…….

We thought it would be nice for our patients to get to know some of the Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice staff members a little bit better. To kick things off here's a little bit about Amanda Whittaker, one of our dental nurses, in her own words... "I have been a dental...

Are you a grinder?

Most of us are aware that stress and muscle tension can wreak havoc on our overall wellbeing, but did you know that these could also have a negative impact on our dental health too? Tooth grinding and jaw clenching – or bruxism – can be a side effect of stress and...

If Carlsberg did dentists…

Here at Gaskell Avenue we’re really proud of our whole team and the continuous effort everyone puts in to making the practice run smoothly on a daily basis. We’re committed to providing our patients with an exceptional service and we just love it when we get amazing feedback from you all.

Dazzle on your big day

Hot on the heels of Valentines Day, we're feeling romance and love all around! Did you or your other half ask that all-important question on February 14? Whether you've just got engaged or you're tying the knot this year, we understand the intricate details of...


Good oral health is our business! A recent study found that people with serious gum disease were 40% more likely to have a chronic condition on top of it, such as heart disease or diabetes. At Gaskell Avenue we want to ensure our patients understand that routine...


Its kick off for a lot of sports seasons this Autumn and at Gaskell Avenue we want to make sure you are fully protected. Does your child or family member play rugby, football, hockey or compete in martial arts? Playing competitive contact sports is great for health...

Gaskell Dental cyclists ride again!

Simon Warburton, Alastair Kennedy and Jonathan Eaton plus ten other keen cyclists are embarking on the Sea to Sea (C to C, Coast to Coast) challenge this weekend. Hoping that the rain that's forecast will avoid us. Check our Facebook page for pictures next week..

500 Smiles For Ben

Karen, our hygienist, is running and cycling 500 miles for the Ben Walton Trust. The charity she is raising money for is specifically for oral cancer research and for ensuring patients receive exceptional care whilst having and after treatment. The challenge will...

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