Its kick off for a lot of sports seasons this Autumn and at Gaskell Avenue we want to make sure you are fully protected. Does your child or family member play rugby, football, hockey or compete in martial arts? Playing competitive contact sports is great for health and fitness, but accidents can occur and one of the most damaging is a dental fracture from a facial impact. At Gaskell Avenue Dental we are here to protect you and your sporty family members with a specially produced, custom made mouthguard. Having a custom made mouthguard is important as it will comfortably cover the wearer’s teeth and gums without risk of slipping as it fits every contour of your unique dental anatomy.

Why Use Mouthguards?
A custom made mouthguard will protect from significant traumas such as jaw cracks, broken teeth and even neck injury, which can occur when the lower jaw is slammed against the upper jaw. All of these injuries can happen easily in physical sport. The injuries are painful and can interrupt sporting activities, as well as cause long term damage in some cases; which can lead to a lot of reparative treatment sometimes for years later.
What’s involved?

Custom fit mouthguards from Gaskell Avenue Dental are produced quickly from a short appointment. An accurate impression is taken of your upper teeth and then all that’s left to do is to choose from our range of fantastic funky designs and colours. We can also provide different types of mouthguard depending on the impact you expect to receive. So different sports require different protection and we at Gaskell Dental will provide you with the perfect safety protection that’s made especially for you.

Don’t risk injury from ill-fitting mouthguards or worse still, going without – ensure your sporty loved ones play safe and see the season out in style with a custom made mouthguard from Gaskell Dental.
Prices start at £65
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