In our last blog we shared some of our favourite fun facts about teeth. The ones you all seemed to enjoy the most were our animal insights… the fact that an average elephant’s molar weighs 6lbs and that giraffes only have bottom teeth! We thought we’d do a bit more research and bring you some other little known truths about teeth from across the animal kingdom…


  1. All of a cat’s teeth are sharp, even the molars! Because they are naturally carnivores, they use their teeth to rip and tear food (and prey), rather than grind it down in the way that we humans do with our molars.


  1. While we will only have two sets of teeth (milk teeth and adult teeth), sharks continue to grow new sets of teeth throughout their lifetime and they have multiple rows of teeth, too. Different species will have different types of teeth, but we’re sure that you’ve guessed that some of the sharpest ones belong to the tiger shark.


  1. The blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth but it eats only tiny crustaceans called krill (up to 3,600kgs per day) because it has no teeth! Humans are lucky to be able to enjoy a varied diet thanks to our assortment of teeth that allow us to bite, chew and grind food.


  1. The hippopotamus has long, protruding lower canines and incisors but these are not used for eating, they are for fighting with! In addition, the hippo can open its mouth to a whopping 180° – now that takes ‘open wide’ to a whole new level!


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