While for some it may feel as though the school holidays are over too soon, we know for many (parents, we feel you) the last six weeks has seemed like a long slog! Whatever you’ve been up to this summer, the routine of the school term is about to begin once again so it’s time to get everything ready.

You’ve probably already bought the uniforms, sewn in name tags, polished up the new shoes and secured the most on-trend school bag but have you thought about your children’s teeth? We’re not trying to add another ‘to do’ to your never-ending list but if your kids are starting contact sports this year then you need to ensure they have a protective mouth guard in their PE kit.

Are mouth guards essential?

Your school may or may not list a sports mouth guard as an essential or mandatory part of the PE kit but the best way to think about it is this… how essential are your children’s teeth? When you put it that way, it’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it?

Sports mouth guards don’t just protect the teeth from chips and other damage, they also help to prevent cut lips and other mouth damage as a result of blows or knocks to the head and face.

Here at Gaskell Avenue we are pleased to be able to provide sports mouth guards for children ready for the new school year.  We can even try and match your team or schools colours. Obtaining a sports mouth guard from your dentist ensures a perfect fit that is not only comfortable – meaning your child is more likely to wear it – it also means that it will provide optimum protection when it is really needed.

If you would like more advice regarding sports mouth guards, we’d be happy to help. Just give us a call on 01565 633 034 and we can book you an appointment to discuss your child’s needs ready for the new school term!

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