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If you feel nervous about visiting the dentist, rest assured that you are definitely not alone. Around 40% of the UK population suffer from some degree of dental anxiety, which is why we are dedicated to making you feel safe, calm and confident to visit and be treated by us.

The first thing to do is tell us about your worries. Our reception team fully understand your concerns and they will do their best to find you an appointment at a time that suits you. When booking, try to choose a time where you won’t already feel stressed by the pressures of the day, like during the school run or rush hour. We suggest aiming for a quieter moment when you’ll feel calmer in general.

Some people find it helpful to have a look around the practice before committing to an appointment, this can help you to overcome the fear of the unknown and gives you the chance to speak to our team and ask any questions; if you think this would benefit you then let us know and we’ll aim to accommodate this.

If you are anxious or embarrassed about the condition of your teeth, or the length of time since your last dental visit, there’s no need to fret. We’re used to seeing lots of teeth in different conditions so please don’t worry – we’re here to help and will never tell you off. Our aim is to correct dental problems and work with you to build up good oral health, which will result in shorter, regular appointments, leaving you feeling happy and confident.

At your appointment, the first thing we will do is discuss your fears to discover what scares you. We have lots of technology and techniques that are aimed to help nervous patients – including numbing creams, local anaesthetic, and sedation – so this initial chat can help us determine what will work best for you.

After this, we will gently check your teeth when you are ready and gauge what needs to be done and the most comfortable way to do it. We believe in building trusting relationships with our patients, which is why you are always in control of your appointment and you can spread any treatment out over several visits.

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