Do you have stained, yellow teeth? Not confident about your smile? Then Gaskell Avenue Dental are here for you with an amazing summer whitening offer!

Everyday food and drinks can stain your teeth easily no matter how many times you brush or what products you use. Most whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes are to prevent rather than remove stains so a professional tooth whitening treatment is the best way to effectively remove the stains safely and give you the gleaming smile that you want.

Gaskell Avenue have an in-house tooth whitening procedure which gently whitens the enamel using active oxygen particles that will not damage your teeth or gums. It’s important if you are considering tooth whitening treatment that you have the procedure in a professional dental surgery, by a qualified dental professional, in order to receive the safest and most reliable treatment.

Right now we have a very special summer offer which you will save £70 off the regular price! For just £279 you will receive:-

• Consultation to check your teeth and gums are ready for our whitening treatment.
• Professional In-House Tooth Whitening Treatment
• Custom Fabricated Whitening Trays – so you can continue the treatment at home!

So book with Gaskell Avenue for your treatment today and we will give you something to smile about!
Call our team on:- 01565 633 034 or email any enquiries to:-

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