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Dental health is an integral part of everyone’s general wellbeing and your smile is one of the first and most lasting impressions others have of you.  In the 21st century most people should be able to expect to keep a natural smile for life.  At Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice we aim to preserve or improve the health of your teeth in order to give you the best smile possible.

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Welcome to Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice

At Gaskell Avenue Dental, we want our patients to feel as comfortable & relaxed as possible & leave feeling happy with their dental experience.  So if you have any concerns about making an appointment, please do get in touch and we can offer advice and reassurance if required.

Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice Ltd is a long established Dental Practice, offering all types of modern dental treatments at one custom built clinic.

We have on-site parking, and are accessible from most main transport links in the North West.

Cosmetic enhancement of your smile can be discussed with treatments ranging from replacement of old unsightly crowns and discoloured fillings, through to smile makeovers with veneers, air abrasion and whitening.

Digital x-rays have been routinely used at our practice for over twelve years, to help us diagnose your problems with minimal delay and screen for early problems.

We have a full-time hygienist service to help keep your mouth healthy and advise on best cleaning techniques and devices.

We also offer sedation for very anxious patients who struggle to cope with routine dental care.

We can offer no-obligation second opinions if you have uncertainty about treatment plans suggested by other providers.

We offer routine family dental care, orthodontics; traditional and Invisalign, restorative dentistry; from simple restorations (fillings) to advanced crown and bridge, root canal and implant work.  If you you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Google Reviews

“The dentists and staff are really friendly, helpful and professional. I would highly recommend the practice.”

“Only been for an initial check up but must admit everyone I had dealings with were efficient, professional and caring”

“Hygienist great friendly service. I feel very supported and cared for especially as I do get a bit nervous, Thank you.”

“I’ve been seeing Alastair Kennedy since I was a baby and I’ve received great treatment every time.”

“Simon Warburton is gentle and accurate. Mended my broken tooth quickly with no pain, first time ever!”

General Checkups

Dental Implants


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Orthodontic Care

Preventative Dentistry

Our dental check-up covers tooth and gum health with screening for conditions affecting the health of the mouth. The hygienists work to the prescription of the dentists to provide dental health advice and preventative care, including regular cleaning, maintenance and treatments for gum disease. We can also guide you in choosing the best mouth care products to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and instruct you in their use.  >Read More

Costmetic Dentistry

At Gaskell Avenue Dental care our primary concern is keeping our patients’ dental health in top-notch condition. However, we also love fabulous smiles and understand that many patients would feel more confident if they had the option to make cosmetic improvements to their teeth. This is where smile makeovers come into play! A smile makeover doesn’t work on a ‘one size fits all’ approach, in fact we have a number of treatments and techniques at our fingertips that we can offer.  >Read More


For many people, the epitome of the perfect smile starts with straight teeth, which is why at Gaskell Avenue Dental we’re pleased to offer a variety treatment options to achieve exactly that. In order to select the right treatment for you, your dentist will need to carry out a full dental examination and consultation in order to decide which orthodontic system is best for your needs.  Options available include conventional braces, Invisalign and C-Fast.  >Read More

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening at Gaskell Avenue Dental is a really effective way of giving your smile an instant wow factor!  Over time, stains build up on the teeth and tooth whitening works by effectively removing these. These stains are most commonly caused by the foods and drinks we consume, smoking, and the aging process.  The tooth whitening process works by using professional grade products, prescribed by your dentist, that release oxygen into the tooth enamel to remove the discolouration that has built up over time.  >Read More

Anxiety Management

If you feel nervous about visiting the dentist, rest assured that you are definitely not alone. Around 40% of the UK population suffer from some degree of dental anxiety, which is why we are dedicated to making you feel safe, calm and confident to visit and be treated by us.  The first thing to do is tell us about your worries. Our reception team fully understand your concerns and they will do their best to find you an appointment at a time that suits you. When booking, try to choose a time where you won’t already feel stressed by the pressures of the day. > Read More

Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can feel devastating and it is only natural to want to find the most aesthetic and long-lasting solution possible. At Gaskell Avenue Dental Care, we’re pleased to be able to offer dental implants to replace missing or badly damaged teeth courtesy of our highly-skilled dentist, Jonathan Eaton.  Dental implant treatment consists of a precision titanium fixture placed in the jawbone, which acts as the replacement tooth root. These fixtures are specially designed to promote bone growth around them to ensure long-term stability.  >Read More

Dental Examinations

At Gaskell Avenue Dental Care, your journey with us will start with a dental examination for new patients. This gives you the chance to get to know our practice and dental team a little bit better and ask us any questions you may have about our services, or concerns you might have with your teeth and gums. It also gives us the chance to meet you and take a first look at your mouth to assess your oral health. This allows us to determine whether there are any problems that may need addressing, and how soon.  >Read More

Hygiene Treatments

We love dental hygiene treatments because they are hugely beneficial to our patients in helping them to maintain good oral health! This type of treatment works well alongside your regular dental check ups and our team can recommend how often you should schedule your hygiene appointments to help keep your oral health in top condition. This frequency will be reviewed and may alter, because the state of your mouth health may improve thanks to all the hard work you put in, or it could decline due to ill health or medications that you may be taking.  >Read More

Dental Restorations

Thanks to the constant advancements in the techniques and materials we are able to use in dentistry, at Gaskell Avenue Dental Care we are pleased to be able to provide tooth-coloured restorations rather than silver ones, in most cases. We have been able to use this cosmetic approach and material for a number of years now – rather than the silver-coloured amalgam that has traditionally been used in the past – meaning that no one needs to know that you’ve had a filling, unless of course you tell them!  >Read More

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